Ridicuul grew up in the world of hip hop and started his musical journey as one half of the rap duo "Probleem & Ridicuul" in 2012. He continues to keep the legacy of Dutch hip hop alive by contributing to albums and collaborating with talented artists.

Ridicuul, steeped in hip-hop since his earliest memories, grew up immersed in the intriguing musical culture. Inspired by his cousin Fuad, he started his rap journey in 2012 as the legendary half of “Probleem & Ridicuul,” emerging in the Dutch rap scene and was crowned “Stads Rapper” of Zwolle by Rico in 2012. Ten years later, he makes a solo track called Homerun. This marked his return to the hip-hop scene.
collaborations and contributions to albums such as Kollaborateurs, Vol. 2 and Pavilioen Piffs Vol. 1, and artists such as Tommy Lazarus, MiGA, Mc Drt, Kaascouse, Allgood and more.