Debute Single Bennie-Boy


Is a Jamaican music genre that originated in the late 1960s. It evolved from ska and rocksteady and is characterized by its distinctive offbeat rhythm and socially conscious lyrics. Reggae icons like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh brought it to international prominence, spreading messages of love, unity, and social justice.

Meet Bennie-boy

a very ambitious reggae artist from The Netherlands, has been crafting soulful tunes since the age of 14. As an introvert, he finds solace in music, channeling his thoughts into mesmerizing melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Debute single “Babylon”

Friday 27th of October 2023 was the release of his first single Babylon. Experience the magic of “Babylon,”. This reggae anthem delves into the intricate world of law enforcement. Let its soothing rhythm and powerful lyrics take you on an unforgettable musical odyssey.


Bennie-boy, a very busy boy when it comes to making music. This talent-full artist has his next songs already prepared!