Writers Camp 2023: Clouded Minds

Writers camp September 22 to 25, 2023

What is a writer’s camp?

The writer’s camp is intended for artists to collaborate and be inspired by each other. artists work with one or more producers on a track that can be recorded directly in the music studio. The creative process is maximally stimulated here because texts are created on the spot in specific terms with the artists you collaborate with.

The first ChilledPunks Writers Camp

These days are mainly dedicated to HIP-HOP and Rap, After their registration, we sent the artists a number of instrumental demos, so that they can prepare in advance to write lyrics. These 4 days we were with the writers’ camp from about noon until about ten at night. On the first day we had several artists come over who started working together on the tracks that they had previously received as demos.

Kchris, Ridicuul and Doominoo are working on the track “Memories”. In the following days we worked with the artists to produce four tracks. (soon see Spotify)

In addition, Benny-Boy has also been working on his own track that is not included on the Clouded Minds album but will be released on our Reggae channel. Emerging talent, Producer Flamey made several beats for various artists during the writers’ camp.

Learning process

The artists but also the organization have been able to gain a unique experience when it comes to collaborations and features. Writing a text to a beat, on which other artists also write a piece, is a piece of development that allows the artist to move out of his comfort zone. This form of writing also encourages inspiration and being creative as an artist. The producer here learns to deal with one or more artists on one track to record in a short time, and ensures that these artists have a good confluence on the track.

Clouded minds

To give a name to the productions that emerged from the writers’ camp, we came up with an album called “Clouded Minds”. The meaningful result of the writer’s camp consists of four tracks with the artists including Ridicuul, Kchris, Doominoo and (FRRA).

Clouded minds, HIP-HOP/RAP cover album
Aftermovie Writerscamp September 2023