Allgood – Freedom: Lofi Beat

Enter the tranquil world of Dutch producer Allgood, a talented musician who was trained by renowned producer NeverTheLess. NeverTheLess has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Dutch hip-hop scene, such as Extince and Brainpower, making his mark on the music industry.

As a producer, Allgood is inspired by the beautiful nature around him. He is a real nature lover and gets a lot of inspiration from the peace and beauty of his surroundings. This inspiration translates into his music, in which he often interweaves elements of nature. The result is a unique and organic sound that takes the listener on a sonic journey.

Allgood has released several releases that have been huge successes on Spotify. His music has been included in several playlists curated by Spotify, a testament to his artistic quality and broad appeal. His music new release: Coffee Date, comes out June 5th and has a unique mix of jazzy sounds and smooth beats.

In addition to his solo work, Allgood has also collaborated with a number of talented artists. One of his notable collaborations is with CaliCronk, an up-and-coming lo-fi producer known for his laid-back vibe and energetic beats. Together they have created a track that impresses musically.

Another of Allgood’s collaborations was with Bad Scientist, an innovative producer known for his experimental approach to music. Together they have created a song that explores the boundaries of genre lo-fi beats and sound, offering a unique listening experience.

Jokujekku is another name Allgood has collaborated with. This artist is known for his eclectic style and unique sound. Together they have produced a song that is both compelling and dynamic, combining the different musical influences of both artists.

Another notable collaboration from Allgood was with Kanimayo, an Independend Lofi label. Allgood has made over 700,000 streams with this song, a beautiful song that takes the listener on a chill journey. “Freedom.” is a perfect fusion of jazzy sounds and smooth beats, which Allgood is known for. With his subtly layered arrangements and compelling melodies, Allgood creates an atmosphere of relaxation and introspection. So it’s no surprise that “Freedom” is loved by the audience of the Spotify Editorial playlists.

With his unique and inspiring approach to music, Allgood continues to grow as an artist.